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Sharm El Sheikh Receives UNESCO's Peace Award

Recognizing the role Sharm El Sheikh played in hosting a number of significant peace conferences in the last few years, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization awarded the city "Cities for Peace" 2000-2001 prize. Minister of Tourism Dr. Mamdouh El Beltagi described the award as a further recognition of the effort exerted by Egypt in seeking a peaceful resolution to the Middle East crisis, and the central role of Egypt in the region.

Large Number of Monasteries in Wadi El-Natroun Region

Pope Shenouda III pointed out to the large number of monasteries in the Wadi El Natroun region, most fanous of which Elbaramos, Abu Makkar, El Saryan and Anba Bishoi monstaries, all of which attracted pilgrims and tourists in old and modern times. Pope Shenouda III said, during the conference on the historical significance of Wadi El Natroun, that these monstaries have contributed in the establishment of Western monasteries.

Inaguration of Hormoheb Temple in April

The supreme Council of Antiquities completed a 10-year renovation project of King Hormoheb's temple in Luxor. The project, which cost 5 million Egyptian pounds will be inagurated in April, thus opening this temple that records the events of the era for the very first time to visitors. An open-air museum will also be inagurated to display the arechelogical findings from the area.

Pharaonic Tombs Unearthed in Southern Egypt

Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities announced the discovery of five rock-hewn tombs that date back to the Old Kingdom (3736-3200 BC). The tombs, which include a Princess tomb and the tombs of four ordinary people, were discovered during the restoration of the cemetery at Akhmim, Suhag.

Ambassador's Cultural Series
The Embassy of Egypt places great emphasis on cultural exchanges as a tool to foster better understanding and to expose the American public to Egyptian culture and historical heritage. In this spirit, the Embassy initiated "The Ambassador's Cultural Series" in February 2000.

A Cultural event is held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Chancellery located at 3521 International Court NW, in Washington. These events cover different aspects of Egyptian culture and vary from a lecture on Egyptology, to an exhibition of the works of an Egyptian artists etc.

The Schedule of the events for the 2001/2002 season include:
Ambassador's Cultural Series
Lecture by Mrs Nermine Fahmy on "A Glimpse into Ancient Egypt - part4" 10/16/01
Introduction to Egyptian food by Chef Mohamed Salah 11/06/01
The Body Arts of Henna By Mrs. Saher Shahin 12/04/01
Napolean in Egypt by Mrs. Hend Sadeq 01/08/02
Piano Recital" 02/13/02
"A Century and a Half of Egyptian Theater" By Dr. Mona Mekhail04/01/02
"Egypt through the lens of Farid Maroun"05/07/02

Kindly check our website or contact the Embassy at (202) 895 5463 or fax (202) 244 4319, as special events and national holidays may result in some date changes.